welcomeWelcome to my Web site, I hope you enjoy the visit and come back. Your feedback and own thoughts on the content will be appreciated.

The accent in this site is on change. Assuming that we are now in the midst of a major change from a tool-making to a thought-producing society, from a conglomeration of national states to globalization, from social and political theories wrought in a solid four dimensional world conducted by conflicting power vectors to a multidimensional world in a state of flux in which the focus is less on conflict and more on consent, from a cause and effect to probability and so on, it seems that we are moving not only to a new era but also to a new stage in human evolution.

In my articles I have tried to relate to the nature of the change, and adumbrate the shape and configuration of the new construction and the consequences of the changes in social, political and ethical approaches.

My articles and vignettes on Israel deal mainly with the changes at the time of transition from the British mandate to the creation of Israel. I build them around personal experiences, but the accent and the intent is more on describing the general atmosphere at that time of major change.

In the vignette section under the title of The End of the Line  I also display the biographies of my father and family from Zionist organization in Poland to Palestine and Israel.